Electronic Medical Record.

(Himmelstein, Wright, & Woolhandler, 2009. Hoffman, 2009)

Without proper standardized treatment of the electronic material, particularly print outs, which are produced by the EMR software systems such as NextGen, implementation of this technology appears to be highly complex and even unrealistic to some extent. Certain experts and clinicians have identified some key challenges with EMR. Many clinicians criticize that EMR set the limits of the scope of interaction/dialog between doctor and patient. The system of inducting readymade templates and hectic custom template making processes time and again prove to be insufficient for recording the different types of patients’ complaints. Moreover, if there are no standard set rules for at least the basic construct of an EMR system, state-wise adaptability within the American federal system will be hampered since programmers will not be able to decide which templates and feedback mechanisms must be changed from one state to another (Greenhalgh et al, 2009). Hence, the international bodies such as EU are trying to implement standards to the EMR systems so that the hard copies of patient records can be used for legal and insurance purposes as well. Without preset and uniform standards, goals such as establishing national level networks of healthcare services and systems cannot be achieved (Hoffman, 2009).

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Electronic Medical Record.
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“In a move to streamline medical records, Medicare officials have detailed plans to standardize medical files so they can be stored and delivered in comprehensive electronic files. Announced by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), the proposed standards are aimed at helping release $19 billion in federal stimulus funds. The standards are expected to be developed over a period of several months.”

Hence, the delay and difference of opinions regarding EMR implementation cannot be solved without uniformity of at least the presentation tools related to an EMR software program.

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