Emerging AdultHood.


lescence’ was born to capture this age of pure confusion, need for identity and self- seeking and for many, an era of making mistakes , breaking rules and hearts along the way until finally, a solid character is born.

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Emerging AdultHood.
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Adolescence is taken as a stage in life where one transits from childhood and into adulthood and this is dependent on social, environmental, educational and community responsibility changes around the individual at this stage. Emerging adulthood shows the need to understand it as a special stage that is influenced by industrialization, need for higher education and constant job changes by persons in this age. Arguments for this phase are:

c) Most of the teenage phases such as identity crisis had been delayed due to educational pursuits, now its higher education, and in a few years, a new need to be romantically involved with someone, and getting married comes in, two crisis in one!

d) It is incorrect to state that most of the development occurs in the later stages in life. In the current age, development occurs to individuals at different stages, and its irreversible, so they live and deal with the effects (positive or negative), therefore, we cannot lock in identity development in one stage, and it is a lifetime process.

e) Generalizations of emerging adulthood may discount some social and cultural factors that are important for growth. therefore, putting emerging adulthood as a stage may give a wrong impression of wayward exploration that has negative social implications.

As a result of the adulthood stage being very long and dramatic with a period where you need to get higher education, get out of one relationship and into another in the course of changing jobs and moving houses then getting married(18-37). In addition, you are having kids and raising them, and holding a stable job and being content with yourself (37-60s)

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