ime tested advice, advice that have been rediscovered over a period of time often has a good deal of practical value (Hutchings, Sue, &Judy 2002, pg 189). Therefore, I think that this also applies to ways of improving social skill and building solid social network in the future. In summary, this paper will discuss on how to improve social skill and to build solid social network in the future.

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Improving social skill is significant because it builds a confidence interacting with people as well as, developing strong communication skills that would increase the chance for successful relationships, hence building a solid social network in the future. Social skills can be improved through good communication skills. It is evident that people are not born with good communication skills like any other trial. however, it is learned through error, trials and repeated practice. Presently, social skills have become an integral part of functioning both in communities and organizations. Therefore, displaying good manners, communicating effectively with others and expressing personal needs are all essential components of solid social skills.

There are various ways in which social skills can be improved. These include being smart small. For instance, if talking to a crowd of people is a scary proposition, one can start small. This means that, one does not necessarily need to start out by having a long and a meaningful conversation with others, but he/she can simply share a smile with someone. Starting small is significant in increasing a persons’ confidence. The other way of improving social skills is through use and practice. Social skills may be practiced, however, people with anxiety may find this to be a scary prospect. In spite of all these, the good news is that any type of social interaction can help a person to develop his/her skills, which will help them in building a solid social network even in the future.

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