Employment Relations 3.

This essay consists of four sections which sheds light on the interference of the Australian government in the employment relationship. The first section will observe the prevalence of employment relations in Australia. The second section analyzes the past trends in the Australian government interference in employment relations. The next section discusses the changes in employment relationship. The final section provides an overall evaluation of the interference of the Australian government in the employment relations.

The employment relationship is described within many contexts, including economic, political, social, cultural, technological and global arenas. “The employment relationship is the legal link between employers and employees. It exists when a person performs work or services under certain conditions in return for remuneration. It is through the employment relationship, however defined, that reciprocal rights and obligations are created between the employee and the employer” (Employment Relationship 1996, par. 1). Political parties played a major role in the interference of the government in employment relations. “The State influences the employment relationship directly through laws on wages (e.g. minimum wages), working conditions (e.g. on hours of work) and many other issues, and through its role as the employer of public sector workers. It also has a series of indirect influences” (Edwards 1995, p. 10). The laws made by the State are effectively implemented by the government. The term State and government are often used interchangeably. In Australia laws have been implemented by the State regarding the employment relation. The employment relationship in Australia has an old history in which political parties played a major role.

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