EMR Implementation and Patient Flow.

Another benefit of the EHR is that all medical information can be created and supervised by authorized users. That`s option allowed providers to share the health information with the other health care providers to improve the quality and productivity of the diagnostic and treatment processes. But, the implementation process of the EHRs is not that quickly, easily and cheap because it requires some period of time for health providers education and adaptation of the health care system to the new model of the patient`s health information. The most difficult environment for the EHRs implementation is an emergence department as there are a lot of barriers such as crowding, limited staffing and increased amount of interruptions. The main question is: “Whether the overflow clinic model could be quickly adapted to offload the emergency department for the implementation of the EHR?”

The other important information that have to be quantitatively confirmed is the effects of the EHR implementation on time to medical provider, total patient`s length of stay (LOS), provider efficiency during and after the implementation of the EHR. In addition, the quiet necessary question is: “How much time and training required for implementation and adoption of the software?”

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EMR Implementation and Patient Flow.
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The data were gathered from the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center emergence department during the 2 years of the EHR implementation. During this period the H1N1 flu pandemic occurred that lead to increased number of the patients. The results showed that the total length of stay during EHR implementation increased compared to the overall LOS before implementation. It takes 6 months post- implementation to gain improved and stable LOS. I suggest that received results show that the process of the EHR is quite slow because of the different reasons and barriers existed in the emergence departments.

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