The purpose of this study was to determine the practices of enteral nutrition and procedures among adults in intensive care units (Fulbrook et al., p. 163). The independent variables were adults in intensive care units while the dependent variables were practices of enteral feeding. A hypothesis of this study was that timely administration of enteral feeding could minimize complications in the ICU and improve the recovery rates among adult patients in ICU. (Fulbrook et al.,p. 166).

A progression of worldwide studies has demonstrated that, in numerous ICUs, health care providers do not begin enteral nutrition for all qualified patients. Postponing timing in the organization, and a few highlights having an effect on a conveyance may lead to disappointment in individual encouraging targets (Fulbrook et al., p. 174).

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This article focuses on a literature review with the aim of helping establish the criterion for enteral nutrition among the critically ill as well as helping identify timely initiation among those eligible. Proper assessments are essential before initiating this mode of feeding. (Fulbrook et al.,p. 178). Enteral feeding is a necessity to optimize caloric targets. The research suggests that enteral nutrition to commence within 24-48 hours and the nurse should monitor the patient for any complications arising from this feeding method.

The reported troubles in improving calorific admission in critically ill patients have driven the ICU group to distinguish proof based rules to create models of NS and enhance persistent results. (Fulbrook et al.,p. 176). Early start of EN, the lower term of mechanical ventilation, decrease in the unseemly utilization of parenteral sustenance (PN), potential to decrease sepsis-related complexities, intrusions in conveyance and diminished danger of death.

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