Enterprise security plan.

nes of the proposal are pertinent to information security and privacy that are currently put forward by bodies of the state, federal regulators, and the state.

New technologies are coming up in the market daily. Therefore, there is need to safeguard the evolving technologies. In the case where MEMATECH Solutions limited has this need, I have proposed to develop and install a new security plan for the company. The idea behind the plan is to come up with a network that connects all the machines in the organization in protecting the plan from being publicized during the stage of development and research. The paper therefore, discusses the proposal of MEMATECH Solutions limited security plan proposal for the connections that dwells on the authentication mechanisms, policies of password, and the plan’s proposed cost (Pipkin, 2000).

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I have proposed a security plan for MEMATECH Solutions limited for the connection that will safeguard their new products when researching and developing stages are carried out. The paper proposes a comprehensive plan that deals with password policy, network policy, authentication of data, and the project’s cost.

To safeguard the project it is imperative that all information and data are kept on different network, and on servers that are not within the success of the general corporate. This can be achieved by developing new networks through the appliances of Cisco Terascale router or Cisco ASA security, VMware, VLANS, and windows 2008 with the help of IPV6 private addressing. Employing the appliances of ASA security and Terascale, I will be able to monitor and control the entire network and access traffic on the corporate network subset through the firewall features. In conjunction with MAC address, I will implement through filtering to offer more security. The IPV6 IP mechanism will be employed to help it from attempts of network intrusion and brute force.

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