Entrepreneurial motivations characteristics.


It was these qualities coupled with determination that made him to create today’s valuable company, thus introducing the element of change to many industries and in the process affecting our day to day activities. Jobs used his intuition to make major decisions and come up with his ideas which mostly were shaped from desperate life experiences (Hunter, 2012: 42).

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Entrepreneurial motivations characteristics.
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To describe Steve Jobs as an entrepreneur, wee will look at his entrepreneurial characteristics so as to identify what was it that drove, motivated or inspired him to leave a legacy he has left today (Mancuso, 2014: 101).

Are you aware with the Mac and iPod? Sure, I believe you are and they were as a result of the discovery of the potential of the Pixar early on before anyone else. The invention of the Pixar touch was as a result of the self-confidence and optimistic nature of Jobs as he was dedicated to his work. He thought of the best ideas and gave all his energy to make create the idea as his dreams. This invention was later used by other companies to various purposes and under different circumstances like in car manufacture, toy story amongst others (Kuratko, 2009: 18).

During his time, Microsoft was renowned for its products and its ability to change to applications which were user friendly. Apple’s ideas and design were not known in the market therefore it was a great risk for Jobs to introduce the idea of the ideas and designs in the market at the time. However, Job was not distracted by the fear of his ideas and design failing in the market, but went a head to introduce the product in the market and the result was that the audiences’ attention was captured. Therefore, this has led to Steve Jobs Company being the largest manufacturer of PC, Tablets and Mobiles in the market.

Challenges can be quite stressful to any entrepreneur as there is always that fear of failing in your new venture

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