Environment and Society of US & Canada.

When in the mid 19th century, western Canadian economy hit a low. immigrations were encouraged from England and Scotland. Consequently, the area was beginning to be occupied with agricultural lands, commercial towns. Several canal systems, railway networks were developed, streetcar tracks were laid, textile industry was expanded and the lumber industry was set up (Troper 2013).

Similarly, the first Nations people, Hurons had used the St Lawrence lowland areas for agriculture, but they were the immigrants who put up the orchards and farms in the area and today those orchards of apples etc and vineyards are a source of profitable businesses in the region (Canada: Making connections&nbsp.(n.d.). The low lying states of New England and Canadian Maritimes had started off as colonies where fishing and agriculture was practiced, but soon European immigrants flooded in since small industries had started. The immigrants contributed to a highly skilled labor and today Southern New England stands as stable economic region where several developments have been made, like areas have been developed for tourism and recreation, ski resorts have been made and the coast has undergone developments to serve a good spot for vacationing (North America. (n.d.).

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Environment and Society of US & Canada.
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The immigrants have played a vital part in shaping the population of Canada. It is responsible for about 2/3rd of population growth that took place between 2001and 2006. The immigrants settle in major cities like Toronto and Montreal, adding to the workforce and also creating a demand for goods and services. These demands are integral for promoting growth in these regions.

The immigrants moving into Canada may have moved in to find better job opportunities or lifestyle etc. their activities did help the region to flourish but their presence in the country could have effects which are not favorable to the country ultimately.

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