Environment & Diversity in Community Health.


This does not dispute the fact that even low levels of Ozone can cause health effects. Children, adults, older people, people with lung diseases and people who are aggressive or active outdoor may be particularly sensitive to ozone. Ozone is the main component of smog in Middletown. Despite the fact that it takes place naturally in the atmosphere to offer protective layer above the earth,

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Environment & Diversity in Community Health.
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at the ground, it is the main component of smog (Manderscheid 51).

When Ozone is inhaled, it can cause respiratory problems, inflammation of the lungs, impair body immune system thus making people susceptible to respiratory diseases including pneumonia and bronchitis and lastly, it can exacerbate asthma. The ozone pollutes or harms the environment in that it interferes with the capability of the plants to manufacture, produce and store food in that growth of the plant and food production are compromised. In addition, it weakens sensitive vegetation thus making plants more susceptible to plant diseases, environmental stress and pests (Brenkert 41-4).

A nurse led program would aim to reduce risk of disease up to 15 to 20 percent in children’s lung infections by providing adequate medication to the diseases (McCann 78). Furthermore, it would focus to reduce risks of moderate to complicated respiratory symptoms in children such as aggravated coughing and painful breathing. More so, it would aim to protect the environment by trying to reduce production loss of major agricultural plants such as commercial forests, wheat and soybeans.

Manderscheid, R. (2009). Aiming for a healthier population by 2020: Moving our fields towards prevention, early intervention, and population health.

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