Environmental Conflict Resolution.


The expansion of the Oka golf course was approved in 1989 by the Oka mayor. The golf course would cover the land claimed by the Mohawks and it would include sixty luxury Condos and nine additional holes on the course that included members only. The Mayor’s office refused to discuss the issue despite the fact that many people in the region were against the expansion.

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Environmental Conflict Resolution.
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This caused acute uproar from the Mohawks who decided to take an action by setting up barricades leading to the site where the expansion was being made. The mayor once again blocked all avenues of discussion and sternly ordered the barricades to be removed. The Mohawks were not ready to desert their quest for justice so easily and so they refused to dismantle the barricades. This made the Mayor to deploy the Quebec provincial police and the SQ to intervene and clear the barricades as well as removing the Mohawks who were demonstrating from the site.

The way the Local government handled the case leaves many questions unanswered and so this paper will try to show the role of each party in environmental conflict management. The parties included in this case are.-

2. The legal system which is responsible for making the judgments’. Some of the judgments though based on the law fail to address the case at hand and so laws should be set to accommodate the communities’ historical information.

3. The local and the federal government should not use excessive force on its citizens. As it is always better to prevent a cause than to cure the disease, negotiations should always be emphasized.

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