Analytical skills and dexterity commands more appeal. Knowledge emanates from learning and is subject to causation. He argues that a proximate cause is the determinant knowledge of any event or practice. The relevance of experience in the accomplishment of tasks is manifest in the dispensation of tasks with efficiency. According to Harman and Brelade (2010), cause and action in the case of acquisition of knowledge is inevitable. However, experience never reveals much information concerning events. The cause and effect concept makes the aspect of necessity vital. The issue of cause and effect proposed leads to the problem of induction.

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This is because this position does not allow the making of inductive deduction concerning the world in general. Experience is irrelevant in the human learning given that causation effect is a constant conjunction. Walker argument on causation leads to the exploration of induction (2009). Causality supersedes experience given that the cause of an occurrence leads to knowledge concerning the proximate cause. Experience does not help in the understanding of the causes of issues. The proximate cause leads to the discovery of the core causes and the effects of the causes. This expounds knowledge on future occurrences. Experience only gives an historical account of events but may not set precedent of future events. In this respect, experience is subjective in the determination of knowledge on occurrences. Experience does not offer truth in the discovery of knowledge. Experience can also not be relied upon in the knowing the effects of something because causes of an event can be in existence prior to the experience. Experience does not involve logic as opposed to causality.

Logic is vital in the exploration of knowledge on nature.

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