Equity and Trust.


However area of conflict had arisen in the proper disposition of these gifts. A detailed description of Neil’s will and the circumstances related to each of the term stated in the will may prove to be helpful in resolving the conflict. Neil’s will states the following terms : -&gt. 30,000 to be given to the “Supporters of Elfed Hospital” as a gift -&gt. 60,000 to be gifted to the “Friends of Thomas Hospital” and -&gt. 400,000 to be used to provide benefits to the inhabitants of Elfed and special privilege to be given to the employees of Neil & Co Ltd and their families. Discussing each of the terms in details would give a clear view of the scenario and will also be helpful in advising the executors of Neil on the probable terms of the declarations made. -&gt. 30,000 to be gifted the “Supporters of Elfed Hospital” A view on the history behind the relationship between Neil and Elfed Hospital reveals that the main factory of Neil & Co Ltd. is situated in the village of Elfed. There is every possibility that considering this fact Neil had included this term in his will, for gifting 30,000 to the “supporters” of Elfed hospital. Though he mentioned the term “supporters” and as such there is no legal declaration or discrimination for this particular term, it could be well assumed that the main intention behind mentioning this in the will is to provide welfare in terms of monetary benefits to the Elfed hospital and not in particular to any supporters or volunteers or anyone specific as such.

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Equity and Trust.
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