Essay on Motivation

Cedar net company has grown over time and now has around 120 workers. It deals with a lot of customer complaints in its line of business and makes the managers to put all their efforts and try and solve their problems and continue boosting sales for the company. This cannot be achieved if all the workers are not motivated to give their best in their work place so that the company produces quality products to meet the changing needs of the customers in a competitive market.
Human beings need to be motivated in all that they do so that they may be in a position to give their best in all their field of specialization. Almost everything that a human being does needs motivation. All managers must learn and ensure that they identify all the needs of their workers and also their drives so that they are in a position to direct their behavior in their workplace so that they can give the best and lead to the success of the firm. All workers have both internal and external needs that surround the workers and affect them in their working environment. (Maund, 2001)
Most workers feel that their employers are only interested in making profits out of the work that they do for them and they are not interested at all to attend to the needs of their workers that affect them in and outside the work place. Cedar Net as a company should ensure that the welfare of their workers is taken as a priority since it has fully affected the output of the workers. Workers will always appreciate if someone listens to them even if he is not in a position to give a lasting solution. (Hatch, 1993)

Workers in any organization will be highly motivated if all those who work with them in the same position are treated the same way. If Cedar Net will not come up with a good organizational structure that will motivate all employees, workers will feel that their future is in jeopardy since the company lacks a clear structure. Workers are also concerned when not only their needs are met but also when they are treated equally as workers with fairness to all.
The managers should ensure that they are fair to all the workers socially, economically and psychologically and therefore requiring the managers to be very careful and serve all equally and fairly. J. Stacy Adam’s equity theory states that workers measure equity by comparing what they receive after working with the efforts that they put and also comparing what they get with what other workers get. Thus Cedar Net Company should display total equity that will build trust in all employees and make them motivated to work hard. (Ross & Urmson1984)
Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
According to Maslow, motivation of workers can be at its peak if the immediate needs of the workers are met. The needs of the workers are not equal and must be motivated at all levels so that workers can concentrate on their work and increase performance .Lower needs include things like food, water, sleep e.t.c. Higher needs are love, social involvement at work, esteem and status. The company should ensure that the needs of all workers are met at individual levels of workers so that the workers will feel that the management is concerned with their problems. (John and Keith, 1997)
Aldefer’s E-R-G Model
The theory tries to tackle and overcome all the challenges that Maslow’s theory faces. It observes the existence needs of the workers, relationships of employees in the workplace and growth needs that revolve around the need for the workers to be esteemed in their work place need to be addressed. This explains the reason why the workers in Cedar Net feel that the management is not concerned at all since the three E-R-G needs according to Aldefer’s theory are not being addressed by the managers. (John and Keith, 1997)
Rewarding to motivate workers
The management needs to introduce performance reward system to help motivate the workers so that those who work hard will be motivated to even work harder since they are rewarded every time they go an extra mile to give more quality and quantity to bring profits to the firm. The company should reward those who come up with new innovations that make the company to comply with the changing technologies in the ever changing business environment. If all workers are rewarded well for the work that they do, they will be motivated to work harder and bring more results hence bringing profits to the company. (Cullen and Parboteeah, 2005)
Money is the only motivational reward that is accepted by all as it has a great social value in workplace. It has a recognized financial value as a means of exchange for the distribution of economic resources to al the workers. All workers are seen with status for having money as it is a symbol of prosperity. The amount of money that workers receive in relation to what their workmates get displays how their employers rate them and give them status. To employees, they measure their accomplishments when they compare what they are paid with what the other employees are also paid and therefore act as a scorecard to them. (Ross & Urmson 1984)
Money is seen as power by all the employees since they can afford to visit even expensive clubs and they can therefore be affiliated with success. Money is used by employees to satisfy all the lower needs and e.g. security and psychological needs according to Maslow. Workers will attribute what they receive as pay to skills that they have and abilities that they have and see it as justified for what they are paid for.
Money qualifies as a strong motivator since all the workers need more of it and will work hard to earn and be rewarded more than the others. Most employees regard money as the best reward that they can receive from their employers and Cedar Net Company can use money in terms of allowances to reward those who work hard and make the other employees also aspire to be rewarded by working hard to receive financial reward. (Daniels and Caroline, 1993)
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