essay: Self-esteem.


The methodology that was undergone in this study was a series of ten items that divulged into possible reasons that someone may have high self-esteem. The purpose of the list was to determine how others viewed themselves and how society played a role. However, the authors argue that the ten items left too much room for additional questions to be considered. This consists of potential future research as the authors want to get into more detail about why people have self-esteem, what it is made of, and if they do or do not have self-esteem for the purpose of pleasing society.

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essay: Self-esteem.
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The conclusion of the authors’ argument is that society does not play nearly as large of a role in the development and display of self-esteem as previous studies have attempted to show. Not all people with high self-esteem have good intentions or are all-around good people. This goes against Plato’s belief that all good things go together. People who display high levels of self-esteem do so for their own sake. If it somehow benefits society, it is out of chance, not intent. This information is useful because it provides insight into how people hold themselves in the eyes of society and why they do, when

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