Essay Summary of Life Without Gravity

The minute I woke up this morning I knew something felt strange. It was as if I was seventy pounds lighter! I felt as though there was nothing holding me down. When I opened my eyes and started to move, I realized I was not even lying on my bed. It seemed like I was floating. Immediately, I thought about being in space, and if this wasn’t just a dream how fun it would be! I thought too soon and it actually turned out to be a really bad day. Getting up was a struggle. There was nothing holding me down to the floor so I tried to swim. It didn’t work.
The worst part is, with such a small amounts of gravity in the world, nothing stayed where it was. The furniture started to float and moving was nearly impossible. I struggled to get to the bathroom by kicking myself from wall to wall. When I grabbed my toothbrush out of the air, I turned the faucet and the water didn’t go out straight! It just started coming out slowly and floated up. I had to catch it in my mouth in order for it to work. I spit the water out and then realized what a terrible idea that was. There was dirty water floating through the air and I didn’t know what to do.
Despite my teeth brushing complications, I was still optimistic and excited to see how the day went. I was convinced that it would be just like one of the cartoons where it was loads of fun to live with less gravity. I managed to get myself dressed, out the door and into my car. The thing is, my car was levitating above the ground! It was very inconvenient. After the long difficult two mile moon leap to school, I went straight to Mr. Sutton’s Physics class to ask him if he had any idea what was going on. When I walked in however, I found my entire class there wondering the same thing.

The only problem was, Mr. Sutton was nowhere to be found. We used the black phone connected to the wall to call down the office and see if they knew where our teacher was. I was on the phone for what seemed like 200 rings when finally somebody picked up. The man had a deep voice and he knew my name. He said, “Jody, I want you to listen to me very carefully. I have Mr. Sutton and there is no way that any of you can defeat me. However, if you want him back, you must go to the ISS room immediately. ” I hung up the phone and quickly explained o my classmates what the man with the deep voice said. We knew we had to do something and we knew we had to do it fast. We floated down the stairs and made it to the ISS room to find Mr. Sutton tied to a pole and a man standing there firmly on the ground holding a remote control. A brave student named Bob said, “Who are you and what have you done?! Have you caused this strange gravitational mishap? ” The man looked at us and laughed. He said in a mocking tone, “I am the evil Dr. Evil. I made a device to reduce gravity because as a young boy I never won anything.
I wanted to win a race and I realized that if I reduced gravity for everybody other than myself, then I could win. I plan to join the Olympics and while all the other runners struggle to moon leap their way to the finish, I will have the full force of gravity helping me stay on the ground. I will win and nobody can do anything about it. ” While the evil Dr. Evil was explaining all of this to us, I managed to float my way over to Mr. Sutton and he told me to use a rope to get the man. I took a rope off of the ground and pushed myself against a wall.
I used sign language to my friend across the room and slipped her the other end of the rope. We both pushed off the wall at the same time and knocked Dr. Evil to the floor by tripping him. Everyone in our class managed to grab onto him and we took the remote control away. We clicked the big red button that said OFF and gravity returned to us. Everyone cheered and we called the police. Mr. Sutton was free and we had gravity. Our period 4 honors physics class was given the Nobel Peace Prize and Obama himself declared us the Heroes of the Millennium. We were awesome.

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Essay Summary of Life Without Gravity
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