Essential for health and human service professionals.

Patient care needs to be holistic for effective recovery and is accomplished through inter-professional practice whereby each professional learns from the others while on the other hand the others learn from him/her. This essay is a critique of the significance for health and human service professionals to understand the roles of other disciplines to enable an interdisciplinary approach to the design and provision of quality care and service.

It illustrates how consumers, professionals, health and human service agencies, and government interact to plan and deliver health and human services.

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Essential for health and human service professionals.
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Healthcare professionals interact to combine the various skills they possess for the purpose of accomplishing the desired completeness for provision of quality healthcare services. Jones & Creedy (2009) observe that the reason why there are variations in the knowledge that health professionals possess is the fact that no single person can have all the skills required for the provision of healthcare services. It might take an extremely long period to complete all the courses involved in the healthcare field. The reason for dividing it in to smaller units and educating different experts in each unit is therefore justified. All the units are focused on maintenance of good health amongst the public. The professionals working in the various healthcare fields such as nurses, physicians, pharmacists and dentists among others are therefore integral components of the healthcare system. Competition between any of the professionals would be meaningless especially due to the fact that their tasks are not similar but they have to be accomplished in order for the organizations offering healthcare services to accomplish their goals (Jessup 2007).

An example of an important collaboration in healthcare for the safety of patients is the relationship between a physician, patient and a pharmacist.

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