Essential Professional Experience: Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

LJMU’s program is designed in a manner that captures just my academic and development goals. The translation of academic knowledge into the essential professional experience is particularly emphasized in the program. This can be seen in the opportunity offered for students to undertake industrial placements on completion of the 2nd year. It is a great opportunity for putting learnt engineering knowledge into practice, enhance crucial skills and experience the industrial world. Furthermore, the program at LJMU offers opportunities for paid placements in and outside the UK. AS student I worked with the Electricity and Water Corporation in Qatar (KAHRAMAA) and the experience particularly enriching. Presented not just the opportunity to apply my knowledge to work, but also enhance my interpersonal skills, experience culture in the corporate world and more importantly appreciate the central role engineering plays in transforming life. As s student of engineering at the LJMU, I have developed personal interests in Electricity and Engineering, Energy and Power Systems. This is particularly informed by the program courses taught by LJMU such as mathematics, microprocessors & programming, electronics & instrumentation, electrical power & management and many others. I am also fascinated particularly the program’s design led curriculum which stresses application & design projects where students have to learn practically. I believe with such a curriculum, the excellent personal support offers by faculty staff I should be able to achieve my goals of success and participate in the transformation of technology sector not only in my country but the entire world. The university is not only about academics and as such I actively participate in other activities.&nbsp.

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Essential Professional Experience: Electrical and Electronic Engineering.
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