Even if they do not have their own fleet available to them, they should be able to hire other transportation companies to do the jobs for them. Our logistic distribution center must be able to provide inbound and outbound traffic control, the route optimization services, delivery using multiple mechanisms of transport and payment services. There are in fact various business intelligence tools that come into play when we are dealing with the transportation management.

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When we are considering other factors for our choice of company for the regional distribution center, we need to evaluate the performance of the candidate company based on, on time delivery, cost adherence to supplier’s adherence. Selecting the best carrier for the project would be an efficient choice.

When we are analyzing, we need to consider the factor of supply compliance analysis. It has often been observed in the supply chain management that the goods are sometimes delayed. They are not delivered on time. And sometimes they get delivered or shipped more than the expected amount. There can be different factors that can contribute to that operation such as customs and tax evasions. The point in evaluating the logistic support must take into consideration the leverage that the company offers. There needs to be flexibility in the company to cater for the contingencies.

The factor being considered here is that the performance of the logistic company should have an inspiring history. Where this will help in different aspects of the business, it will help in developing the long term career relationships. Which are more useful o us than to them as we will be the one looking for some regional personnel who could provide services.

The importance of this factor cannot be overemphasized. We need to calculate the time span between the placement of order and the actual shipment of delivery. Again, this factor will be thoroughly analyzed for the new logistic company.

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