Ethical Dilemma in Pharmacy.

In some states, pharmacists operate under set rules and regulations and therefore, they face ethical dilemmas when prescribing dangerous medication. This essay relies on the above scenario to discuss how pharmacists find themselves in ethical dilemmas and conclude by giving solutions on how to overcome such dilemmas. Here there is an ethical dilemma because the pharmacist is not aware of what the patient is intending to do with the injecting equipment. The patient may be planning to use the injecting equipment for purposes that may cause serious injuries or harm thus putting the pharmacist into trouble according to NHS Quality Improvement Scotland.The majority of people are currently being prescribed methadone not for drug abuse but for pain. It is true that methadone is the only type of narcotic that works under certain conditions. For instance, methadone is frequently used for relief of cancer pains or peripheral neuropathy. Therefore, the pharmacist is in an ethical dilemma since he does not know the purpose the patient is requesting for the injecting equipment. In addition, the pharmacist cannot assume that the patient is requesting for safer injecting equipment for heroin withdrawal. Now the patient calling back in the same pharmacy for safe injecting equipment can make the pharmacist think that the patient is requesting the injection equipment for something innocent. For instance, the patient’s grandmother may in need of insulin syringes. However, the preparation of methadone itself is such that the drug discourages injection. There is more than the pharmacist should do in such a situation but he should take the appropriate steps. Mostly, the pharmacist should first ask the patient why he is requesting for the injection equipment. In addition, methadone is temporary and supposedly the patient’s way off.

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Ethical Dilemma in Pharmacy.
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