hat his or her cultural perspective is indifferent towards saving the world because perhaps he or she does not see any problem with the world as it currently is. Quinn uses a pantheists approach by using a gorilla, who is non-human to effectively criticize human civilization without the risk of looking or sounding hypocritical. Ishmael is endowed with abilities that are uncommon in non-human beings, these include attributes such as intelligence, ability to communicate through speech and understand human being’s speech patterns in communication. In addition, Ishmael has a profound understanding of the imperfections of human beings, his or her existing culture and solutions to these problems.

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The gorilla’s cultural identity as a captive to human beings provides him a distinctive perspective to the human condition of captivity. According to Ishmael, human beings are as much captives of their own civilization as gorillas are to the same human beings. This is because contemporary human beings’ cultural mindset coerces them to destroy the world they live in in order to sustain a comfortable life by their standards. Ishmael pokes fun into human beings for their destruction of the very environment that they depend on. Ishmael’s captivity enhances his ability to portray human beings as captives to their own way of survival (Ishmael, p. 15-17).

The aggravation that gorillas experience through human beings’ destruction of the natural world, results in rapid loss of gorilla’s natural habitat. Ishmael’s advertisement in the newspaper sought students willing to embrace change in their cultural mindset to one that is ready to embrace new environmental laws which will protect the environment and by extension gorillas’ natural habitat. He seeks people who recognize that recycling such as newspaper recycling is paramount to solve the problem of environmental degradation. In his dialogue with the protagonist, Ishmael brings out human beings’ apathy towards issues

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