Ethics and Professional Code of Conduct.

Police chiefs and Sheriffs are responsible for integrity, ethics and morality in the police force. However, they are unable to supervise the juniors effectively necessitating other approaches like training.

According to Popa, Naghi and Isopescu (2012), professional ethics is from the Greek words “Deontos” and “Logos” meaning, “What must be done” and “the science of”. It includes a set of rules and regulations, which all professionals in the government including the police must follow at all times. The objective of the professional code is to ensure professionals respect the rule of law, the natural law and moral rule (Popa, Naghi and Isopescu, 2012). Rule of law dictates what is right and wrong in accordance to the law (Popa, Naghi and Isopescu, 2012). The natural law dictates what is right or wrong naturally and morality dictates what is right or wrong basing on the accepted principles (Popa, Naghi and Isopescu, 2012). Professional ethics and integrity are important to the police for many reasons.

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Ethics and Professional Code of Conduct.
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One, the police swear to protect the interests of the people in a given jurisdiction when starting their career. In this case, they are indebted to ensure that all people feel safe in their homes businesses and across the jurisdiction (Kadleck, 2003). Second, failure to follow the set rules and laws may lead to injustice even when the police officers have good intentions (Kadleck, 2003). Thirdly, lacks of ethics and professional code of conduct weaken the society (Kadleck, 2003). In this case, when people realize something bad is happening in the society, they do not report because they know the relevant authorities will not address the issue accordingly. For example, when a person breaks the law and instead of police officers arresting and charging the person, they take bribe and free the person.

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