ethics final paper


Your final paper is a 5page paper, where you choose from the issues in applied ethics that we covered in the class and present me a THESIS driven paper where you clearly state and defend your belief/position on one of these.  Please follow the following outline in writing your paper:

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ethics final paper
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 Introduction – Overview of the problem – clearly define your issue and tell me what the central ethical dilemma/conflict is.  Please be sure to include a thesis statement worded “I will argue that __________ (insert your issue) is ethically permissible/impermissible (or both) because…(clearly state the reasons here.)
Legal Framework/Relevant important terminology – anything from your e-text or my notes on the forum that are pertinent to the issue you choose.   If you choose abortion or Euthanasia, you must include Roe. V. Wade or Death with Dignity.
Use 2 out of the three theories we learned to analyze your issue.  These should include defining the relevant concepts from the theories that you think relate to your issue (For example, using Aristotle’s notion of teleology to present a pro-life argument against abortion).  You should pick the ethical theory first that agrees with your argument and then present me the counter-argument to your position with its relevant theory.  You may use all three theories if you wish, but you must use two.  Note:  meta-ethical stances are NOT theories.  

4.)  The 5 criteria of personhood and how they are relevant to your topic, if you are doing abortion, euthanasia, or animal rights 
5.) One outside source, presumably a current example of your issue in the news.
6.) Conclusion
This paper is MLA format.  It MUST utilize the e-text and an outside source at the minimal.  Anything else you use it optional.  Everything must be properly cited in the paper with a works cited page.   This paper is 5 pages, not including your works cited page. 

Grade Evaluation: Stapled to your final paper must be a qualitative grade statement:  Please state what grade you think you have earned in the class overall and why.  This will require you to reflect, not only on your quantitative grade on Blackboard, but the quality behind the grade – your participation, attendance, work ethic outside of class, ability/improvement in critical thinking skills and a reflection on how your ethical beliefs have changed (or not) because of the class.  More will be said in class about this. 

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