Ethnic sociological issue.


Some of the major ethnically and racially structured systems in the United States have often included the Indian wars, Slavery, American reservations among many more. It is important to note that the concept of racial discrimination in the United States was formally banned in the 20th Century, during the time which it was perceived to be morally repugnant and socially unacceptable. The issue did not stop completely since there have been many complaints about people that have been victims of the same, with the judicial system having been blamed for a long time for being biased in dispensing justice to all people. It is on this understanding that this paper examines the problem racial and ethnic issues as have been witnessed by mass incarcerations of people of color.

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Ethnic sociological issue.
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In the United States and in many other European countries, racial politics have been a central phenomenon. The problem of racism has openly reflected in the socioeconomic inequalities, while taking on very modern and other indirect ways of expression. The most prevalent of these have been symbolism, which many people have complained as it manifests in various forms. Racial stratification has continued to manifest in many disciplines and activities like in education, housing, employment and other related opportunities, money lending as well as general governance. Non natives of many European, Asian countries including the United States have often been treated with suspicion, something that has often denied them opportunities in the social and economic dimensions.

One area that has been highly blamed for partiality in functioning has the judicial system, which has been cited as being harsh on the African and colored communities, with mass incarcerations having been witnessed on these groups of people as compared to the Americans.

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