Ethnographic comparisons.


However, this is not in sharp contrast to the Japanese cultural practices (Fischer,et al.2004). Therefore, a thorough analysis of marriage patterns, family and education brings about the similarities and differences between the two societies, the benefits of such factors as well as the social problems faced by the family members.

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Ethnographic comparisons.
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Mexicans are at liberty to choose their marriage partners (Stack, 2012). Nevertheless, are rule and regulations that constrain choices that are made by individuals which are associated to class and traditions. Marriage usually happens after a period of engagement that can last for many years. The standard age at marriage for the male counterparts is usually twenty four years while that for ladies is twenty two years. Even though it will be a desire for everyone to marry someone they love and would like to stay with for the rest of their live, many Mexicans deliberately or without thinking look for a partner who is capable of providing economic security. According to their custom, the only form of marriage that is allowed is monogamy. During the marriage ceremony, there are a civil registration as well as traditional wedding conducted by ordained persons. the couples then goes ahead to have expensive party alongside friends and family members. It is legally easy to divorce but the social pressure against it can be frightening.

On the other hand Japanese marriage is commonly based on mutual attraction between the individuals. In most cases, some Japanese still depend on arranged marriage, the couples still rely on matchmakers to enable them find their soul-mates (Kondo, 2009). Same to the Mexican culture, it is important to have the family background of the potential spouse before the actual wedding ceremony is done.

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