Evaluate a case study using behaviourists approach.

Moreover, cognitive theory works on the assumption that answers are always resulting from deliberate patterning. the theory is best used for learning and teaching purposes as it assumes that perceptions is a change happening in the mind and is caused by mental depiction and relationship stirred by the experiences of an individual (BECK, 2011: 62). This paper uses a different theory from behaviorist theory and related to behavior and provides an intervention strategy. In addition, the paper analyses the pros and cons of using cognitive theory to a behaviorist approach.

Cognitive theory is a psychology learning theory which tries to explain how individuals act. It reasons that the acts are from choices which are made from humans who are considered logical beings. The known aspect of this theory is social cognitive theory that lays emphasis in understanding and changing how other individuals behave. It is mostly witnessed in advertising and peer pressure groups. Moreover, the theory forms a basis of treating psychological horrors which are related to the response of an individual. The main focus of the theory is to establish the different cognitive processes in learning. The main process involved in this theory includes scrutinizing, classifying and making theories based on the available information. In my opinion, learning in cognitive theory is based on activities happening within the minds: are not created with other stimuli originating outside the mind.

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 Evaluate a case study using behaviourists approach.
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Abstract instructions can be used to assess students because of the similar mental models which are contextual. In using the mental models, students can either be assessed using mind maps, taxonomies or networks to determine their understanding of a learning session or experience. Also they can be asses seducing a social, individualized approach which composes of the use of groups.

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