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take the form of saloons, hatchbacks and estate vehicle, sports utility vehicles (SUVs), and truck, which may take any form ranging from small trucks to heavy industrial transport machinery. With so many choices from which to pick one vehicle that will most fulfill the need of the client while at the same time remaining sensitive to the economic situation getting the right car can be quite tricky.

However there are some general standards against which the buyer may apply their decision, which although they may not guarantee a perfect match, may well assist in acquiring a car comes closest to one. They are explained as follows:

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Evaluation paper
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Sport utility vehicles are those types of cars that are primarily designed to support the needs of an outdoors sort of person, with most of their features revolving around providing functionality for sport oriented individuals. Therefore, what are the reasons that would make a person choose to buy an SUV as opposed to the other models of cars? According to Dale Wickell (2009), the following represent some of them.

SUVs easily provide the most space in terms of seating capacity as compared to sedans and trucks. This is because being built around sports, are meant to accommodate more people for example in the case of a team. For this reason, most SUVs are made to have doors, and also came with a spacious trunk and an equipment rack on the top. However, since they are more people oriented, most of the space available in an SUV is directed towards human occupation as opposed to cargo.

Being built bigger and more heavily, SUVs appear to offer more safety in case of an accident. However this is countered by SUVs having a higher center of gravity which makes them more susceptible to overturning/rolling, but manufacturers are all the time coming up with systems that minimize the risk such as even heavier built chassis, and more space in the trunk to reduce cargo carried on top of the vehicle.

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