Evolutionary psychology

Evolutionary psychology depends mainly on a large set of hypotheses, which it tries to prove or disprove by depending on sociological and psychological practicals and researches. Deriving from these hypotheses about asymmetries in grandparental solitude and the parent-grandparent relationship can be done empirically, with the best possible results. It is definitely believed in Evolutionary Psychology that it is not just the features of earlier generations that get transferred into the new generations, but behaviours, genetic peculiarities too, and all these could be found in researches being conducted in genetics, behavioural ecology, sociology, cognitive sciences etc. To prove this fact beyond doubt, with all the variables taken into account, practical experimental research has been conducted. This gives an insight into grandparental solicitudes, grandparent-parent relationships, sex and gender variations and their results, and would draw conclusions on the influence important factors like investment in younger generations and paternity uncertainty can have on the entire hypotheses.

The family survey was conducted through questionnaire (enclosed as Appendix), which starts from information about the existence of grandparents, and for how long the individual had opportunity to know them. This applies only to biological grandparents and not adopted ones. It also refers to the care shown by grandparents to their grandchildren and their relationship with parents and support to their children’s parental efforts. And the last question is about parent-grandparent relationship as judged by the grandchild.

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Evolutionary psychology
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The main reason behind this particular research and its certain ambiguity is that it exists in an area where psychology merges with sociology and the demarking line is blurred.

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