Executive Interview & Analysis.


In light of these, the paper focuses on the critical assessment of the role of organization design within Saudi Electricity.

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Executive Interview & Analysis.
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Different approaches can be used to assess the role and function of organization design within a given context. The SEC has incorporated based value creation and cost, quality and excellence as its key drivers in all its operations. One such example is the use SEC has established value based practices that assist its management in making critical decisions aiding in the general performance of an organization.

According to Brebbia (2013), Globalization has further facilitated the process of change, especially in organizations. Most organizations nowadays structure their processes and operations in accordance to both internal and external changes happening within their environment. However, for many organizations the process of measuring the change process has always been a challenge. In the case of my organization, key decisions and policies are always defined by the government ministries who see all operations conducted by the organization. In addition, the organization has formed special regulatory departments to work in collaboration with the government in addressing various issues affecting the organization and other concerned stakeholders. Most funding received by the organization is always obtained from sales of oil and gas supplied to various locations in the Saudi kingdom. Due to the expansion in the market, the organization is accepting change in its processes to place itself in a healthy competitive position in the region(Ramady, 2010).

Over the recent five years, the organization has been forced to make critical decisions in its operation and the external environment. Due to the ever increasing demand of energy by consumers, the organization has focused on expanding its investment strategy by reaching out more to investors in the external environment.

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