Expanding the Oral Care Group in India.


50% of the population is not concerned for oral hygiene. Those parts of the potential customers need awareness first of all about the oral health.

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Expanding the Oral Care Group in India.
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Secondly, they are not in a reach of oral health care products as the disposable incomes of people living in rural areas have $2 per day, in comparison of urban population who are wealthy and they have great purchasing power. There is a shortage of dental care personnel in rural areas specially, single personnel handles thousands of dental patients. In addition, people with only high income consult dental professionals as they cost very high (Bruce, Moore, & Birtwistle, 2004). That defines the problem of affordability to the consumers.

And the third is Accessibility, in which the director of the company, Brinda Patel want her manager to make a new market plan and she want to increase the unit sales nearly up to 30% of toothbrushes in India by spending 3% more in advertising budget, as her previous project in Thailand went successful. Whereas, manager Michael Lang is concerned if the strategy of increasing advertising budget more than Thailand’s budget will affect the sales positively as there are many cultural barriers in each region of India. The projections could go wrong, whether they can access the products and accept the change in oral health as they are using Neem twigs and tobacco and ashes since ages.

Brinda believes that rural area need more hygiene protection messages and has a strategy to market its premium products and convince customers to switch to high range of oral care products, that might help the company to reach up to 30% per unit sales(Rudolf R. Sinkovics, 2009).

On the other hand, Michael suggested not increasing the advertising budget and applying strategies in urban market to focus and persuade first time users of tooth brush and later spend on when they become habitual.

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