Staying at home with my family has so many comforts that range from being free to do the things I want to do to getting all that I request from parents. The transition to a different life is very different from the preconceived imaginations.

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From my one month, I have established that people change from what they were to totally different persons. College makes people turn into new individuals that you never imagined. It appears that the people I imagined would welcome the idea are the ones who despise it. and those I thought would hate the idea are the ones that cherish the impression. I am not yet very sure of what brings out this change in one’s personality. However, I strongly believe that it all depends on who can handle the pressure that comes with the new steps that one makes in life. I know of several people who have not been able to handle and balance academic and social aspects of college together with the absence of their beloved people that they left far away when they join other institutions. Other people have not managed to come over the challenge of being homesick. The word may be easy, but I am yet to find a person who has balanced the idea of being homesick together with the challenge of being a way for education.

Balancing college life has proven very difficult for the majority of the people whom I have encountered in the last few weeks. I can easily depict why this is a big struggle when I consider the rules and regulations that surround an individual’s life when they are not in college. It also depends with the freedoms that one has at home and how they cope up with the new environment. In a clear way to explain what homesickness is, I have witnessed the problem with several of my friends. One of them is Mark. At home, Mark was given a lot of freedom that I consider to be beyond what someone at his age should get. He did not have to come home at any specified time of the day or night.

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