Expression in architecture.

Drafting also gets referred to as technical drawing. It involves the process through which a mechanical engineer creates and designs instructions for manufacturing components (David & Madsen, 2011). Drafting can get carried out through a hand drawing scheme or a computer assisted model that will show the required steps to manufacture a component and also the required materials as well as the assembly notes. Through the use of computer added design tools, drafters get to make plans for almost everything from tiny electronic equipment to building constructions. Drafting gets used in almost all branches of engineering, as well as architecture (David & Madsen, 2011). To create construction drawings, architects employ the use of computer aided design and drafting tools. Drafters specialize in the creation of technical drawings and plans that get used by architects to build structures and other objects.

As a mechanical engineer who specializes in drafting and design, one can get employed in various industries such as architectural and engineering firms, transportation equipment manufacturing and machinery manufacturing (David & Madsen, 2011). These industries provide a diverse work environment for individuals. This gets to be so since working as an engineer requires one to interact with other professionals such as engineers, surveyors, and or architects. Such a work environment requires for the drafter to have a good interpersonal skill as part and parcel of his or her personal attribute. My aim is to work as an aeronautical engineer where I will specialize in design and drafting.

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Expression in architecture.
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Work as an aeronautical drafter revolves around preparation of engineering drawings, which get to detail plans and specifications for the manufacture of aircrafts and their parts. Getting employed in an aeronautical firm as a drafter, an individual gets to work in an office setting for most periods of time.

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