Expression of Interest


I think that people have different perspectives of the things that they do and hence work their best towards their respective work tasks and projects. When I come in close coordination with other people, I realize that everyone has a baggage of his own. They prioritize things based on their respective thinking ideologies and therefore they should be given the room to get understood by people like me.

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Expression of Interest
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This is a vice versa process as they must also make an effort that where I am coming from and what I am bringing to the table. This is the reason most of my tasks which come under the communication umbrella get solved in an easy and amiable manner. Positive reinforcement and a general understanding of how things are shaping up are some of the salient aspects that I keep in mind before moving ahead any further.

My biggest positive is that I am a very optimistic person, who believes in himself and has self-confidence to boost up his energies. This is one of the strongest tenets that I can derive from my personality. I work in an individual capacity as well as in the form of a team. Both of these working dynamics work hand in hand with each other as far as I am concerned. More than this, I have been proactive at organizing events and in being a participant at a number of places to this day. I get my hands on learning new traits and things, which is a definite positive as far as my character is related. People around me feel that I have the required interpersonal skills to get along with them in an amicable way. Even I feel that being strong in communicating with others and improving one’s own self over a period of time is a very good thing.

As for my future, I believe that if I am granted admission in Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Media Management at the University of South Australia, I will deliver my best. I know how to conduct myself in the midst of things and this is one opportunity that I cannot afford to miss.

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