Failure Mode Avoidance- How to design and avoid failure.

In that line of design, engineers are able to come up with design optimization method. These methods are combined with the present technology of low-cycle fatigue, which is applied in the durability characteristic of a vehicle. This requires skillful integration of computational tools and methodologies in a car dynamics. This includes fatigue strain life evaluation, finite factors simulations and prediction techniques. The analyses of these car safety elements are important in attaining car performance of critical design in complex system. To address the problem, metal model and the slide bar process are used. In regards to Failure Mode Avoidance approach, the model and process permit the engineering group to uncover and avoid potential wheel or tire and driveline noise vibration and harshness failure modes. In the early development of the product, the team can identify and control noise factor system and decrease system level effects and avoid potential failures of noise vibration harshness by developing appropriate countermeasures.

To create a failure mode avoidance one needs to understand when and the reasons for creating potential failure modes. The aim of this paper is to understand the reason for creating better failure mode avoidance in cars. This paper focuses on the study of eleven customers and the problems they faced related with reliability in an automobile company. The interviews were done using open-ended questions that enabled the interviewees give a description of their experiences and views. The interviews took between one and two hours and secondary data collected. The case analyses all problems related to the customers meaning the failures were seen after the car was in the market. Most of the failure modes formed during the early development stages of the cars.

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 Failure Mode Avoidance- How to design and avoid failure.
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