Family assessment paper.

This is the Haddad family – a four-member Muslim-Arab family presently residing in Perth, because Alim, the father, was sponsored by the Ministry of Higher Education to finish nursing (2009 to 2011). The family’s type form, is monogamous on the basis of marriage. a family of changing residence, on the basis of residence. a nuclear family, on the basis of structure. a patrilineal family on the basis of ancestry. and a conjugal family, on the basis of the nature of family relations among its members (Ellwood, 2004, pp. 45-55).

Like other Muslim families, every Friday the family meets with the Islamic community in the mosque to perform their prayer. Every weekend, they visit tourist places in Perth: Perth Zoo and Wildlife Parks, Aquarium of Western Australia, Cohunu Koala Park, Mount Eliza, and Kings Park. They love visiting places together: having some time on the riverside to picnic and fish, going to beaches to swim and relax, and visiting caves to wonder. The Margret River and Albany are their favorite as these are only around 300 kilometers far from their home. They also enjoy going to the hills visiting the farms there to collect vegetables and fruits. Such privileges the family could afford as they are financially well-off.

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Following the Developmental Approach, this family is in its third stage characterized as “families with pre-school children” (McMurray, 1993, p. 137). Today, the family has somewhat adjusted to the demands of this stage in a social context foreign to the family. First, the family is well-adjusted to their new environments physically and socially. The daughter, no longer cries when fetched by the school bus, as she has found her own friends in the school. The mother does her work at home more relax unlike before, as she gets used to the changing demands of her family.

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