Family experiencing child protection and family violence issues.


There are many issues that need to be taken care of before a real solution is found. Lets take a case study of a boy called Aldo who was a victim of both, physical and mental abuse at the hands of his parents. The case study is taken from ‘Good Practice in Child Protection’ by Tilbury, C., Osmond, J., Wilson, S., & Clark, J. (2007).

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 Family experiencing child protection and family violence issues.
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Aldo is a nine year old boy who was placed in foster care three weeks ago because of physical and emotional abuse. Specifically, Aldo was regularly hit with a piece of wood by his father and often had bruises and marks all over his body. In addition, his mother and father regularly told him that he was useless, an idiot and they wished they had never had him. Aldo often witnessed domestic violence in the household. His mother has been hospitalized six times in the last twelve months with significant injuries. After an initial period of being shy and withdrawn, Aldos behavior is becoming more challenging at home and in the school environment. Behaviors currently being exhibited are regular aggressive behavior with peers and other foster children, destroying property, resisting direction, difficulty in making friends, rejecting signs of attention and affection, and poor school performance. Aldo has supervised contact with his parents each Wednesday. The school has reported that lately, he has had detention during lunchtime on Thursdays and Fridays, mainly for aggressive, bullying behavior with his peers.

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