Fatherless Homes and Its Affects on the Child.


nces of dropping out of school, are more vulnerable depression and other emotional problems, have an early sexual debut, and have difficulties in developing successful relationships. The other effects of no father in the home are the increased chances of the child to engagement in delinquent behavior, early teenage pregnancies attempted or successful suicides, poor social and psychological development, and juvenile incarcerations. The economic consequence of a fathers absence is poverty. Most of the children from the fatherless homes live in poverty. Fatherlessness is literally destroying the nation by tearing the children apart physically, emotionally, cognitively, and spiritually. Therefore, a fatherly presence and love is a vital element in predicting the social, cognitive, emotional development and functioning of a child or young adult.

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Fatherless Homes and Its Affects on the Child.
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The United States is soaked in crime, poverty, drugs, and other socio-economic problems. However, more than anything else it all comes down to the absence of a father. A family is usually a complete unit with the presence of a fatherly figure. Therefore, the absence of a father may result in a myriad of problems for the family. According to the U.S Department of Census, 1.43% of American children are living devoid of the father. The statistics further indicate that about 90% of the homeless as well as runaway children are from the fatherless homes. A father is a parent most plausible to be the children’s protector. The presence of a father places the child at a lesser risk of drug addiction, sexual abuse, theft, early pregnancies, incarceration, and being runaways, as well as drop out of school among other vices. As a result, they tend to reduce the delinquent behavior.

Nobody denies that these children who grow up in the fatherless homes are at a greater risk of facing major challenges in life in contrast to those who grow up with a father at home. A fatherly figure is crucial for a child’s development.

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