Field Report.

re resources in the natural history of Victoria and even beyond its boundaries (Melbourne Museum, 2015, retrieved from The museum is divided into three venues: immigration museum, science works and the Melbourne Museum. The Melbourne Story exhibition is found in the Melbourne Museum. It shows the history of the Melbourne starting from when the white settlers and&nbsp.the local indigenous people got into contact. The history is connected in the form of stories, soundscapes, images, artifacts and interactive components. This ensures that the visitors have an insight into the Melbourne story. This story shows the Australian history which covers the rich, poor, settlers, indigenous people, immigrants, and how they survived as Australia developed.

The Melbourne Story is a comprehensive exhibition that has abundant information about the city of Melbourne. The collections are presented in such a way that they reveal the extraordinary riches of the city. There is an amazing hand colored lithograph that shows the olden city of Melbourne in 1858 (Museum Victoria, 2001, p. 21). The picture, which was developed by George Rowe, shows the ancient city. The buildings and the mode of dressing simplify a time when Australia was under-developed. Each object in the museum displays a certain historical time, and they are all organized in a chronological manner. All the pictures are taken and printed using the available technology of that particular time. Through this presentation, the museum manages to show the lifestyle and technology of the Australian people at different historical times. There are various jar bells and stuffed animals that create and antique display of the people living in Melbourne during the Victorian period.

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There is a video footage that covers a football match which is believed to have been taken between 1900 and 1920 (Museum Victoria, 2001, p. 43).

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