Frank Lloyd Wright.

Due to these reasons, he frequented headlines of leading dailies. He had three marriages to his credit – with Catherine Lee Tobin in the year 1889, with Miriam Noel in 1922 and lastly with Olga Milanov Hinzenberg in 1928.

Frank Lloyd Wright had Welsh descent and his birth took place couple of years after the American Civil War ended. One can easily see that his upbringing owes a lot to the Unitarian and transcendental ideologies. Since childhood, he showed a lot of interest in building blocks that the young ones played with at the kindergarten. These educational blocks were given to him by his mother. These blocks consisted of geometrical shapes and thus from the early days Frank Lloyd Wright was very clear about the geometrical sense and the same is even visible in his work. A number of his architectural works manifest the geometrical clarity which is so very important to have on the part of engineers and architects. His formal education began in the year 1885 when he enrolled at the University of Wisconsin-Madison School for Engineering. He was an apprentice for a local builder known as Allan Darst Conover which really helped his engineering skills endlessly. Soon he left the university without having the degree under his belt and came over to Chicago where he joined an architectural firm called Joseph Lyman Silsbee. After that he started to work for Adler & Sullivan within a period of 12 months. He did a lot of residential design work for this firm and an unfortunate event happened when the firm came to know that Frank Lloyd Wright was accepting individual clients. This forced Frank Lloyd Wright to establish his own practice and started his work from home in Chicago. During his life long work endeavors, he completed round about fifty projects which included a number of different houses in his native land.

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