Gangs and the Criminal Justice System

As per the recent news even the cargo ships were robbed by gangs near the territories of Somalia and hence the subject and gang and criminal justice system is more prevalent under present circumstances.

Gangs have been in existence for as long as there have been inhabitants of this world. The history of criminal gangs can be traced back to even the biblical times. Such gangs are a part of history for thousands of years and their roots run deep into America’s past and culture. “The birth of America’s gang problem can be traced to the dawn of the country, a time when many Europeans migrated to the East coast with the intent of making a better life. After arriving, their savings was quickly depleted and many were forced to take out loans with local merchants and colonization companies, who charged steep interest rates. Life for many was more difficult than they imagined and death due to poverty and disease was common. There were many who died orphaning their children. With no money to send the children back to their homeland and with no relatives to care for them in America was a common problem in many cities”. ((Jared L.

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Gangs and the Criminal Justice System
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A wide variety of historical gangs, such as the Muslim Assassins, Adam the Leper s gang, Indian Thugs, Chinese Triads, Japanese Yakuza, American Old West outlaw gangs and Italian Mafia crime families have existed for centuries. Throughout the 19 th century, America was troubled with the gangs and gagsters like The James Gang, Billy the Kid, Irish gangs like the Whyos, Dead Rabbits, Plug Uglies, Jewish gangs like the Monk Eastman Gang, Five Points Gang etc. The Five Points Gang, led by Italian immigrant, Paolo Antonini Vaccarelli, was the most significant street gang to form in the United States, ever! The Five Points Gang became the Major League to many young street gangsters and a farm club for the Mafia.

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