On the contrary, 2013 polls had found that 52% of Texans had favored same sex marriage in other states while only 47.9% supported same marriage equality in their state. Finally, it appears that the Texans are crowding traditionalist ideas and giving in to accepting gay couples the right to marry.

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The article would be a good source for a long research paper about legal gay marriage because it portrays how the society has changed from traditionalist to being open minded. This paper warrants further research not only in the United States but globally at large. This is because gay marriage has become a cultural battle. However, in my own opinion, the bible condemns same sex marriage because it defies the law of nature that God wanted for mankind. On the contrary, banning gay marriage is a violation to those who engage in it. Furthermore, banning gay couple’s marriage, does not translate that the act will disappear forever, but, it will always happen secretly. Moreover, I think banning will even provoke more people to engage in homosexuality and lesbianism.s

In conclusion, the article is critical to the issue of legal gay marriage in Texas. However, Judge Garcia issues a preliminary injunction awaiting for the high court to hear the case and give its verdict. On the other hand, the article is to the point and can warrant further research in gay marriage controversial issue. Finally, the nation at large should handle the issue and a decision made on a national level rather than on a state level.

Lapidos, Juliet. “Gay Marriage: Soon Available in Texas.” 2014. Web. 3 Mar 2014.

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