Gear box Managment.


Cars and tractors – in fact, almost every vehicle – have a gear box or transmission which allows the driver to shift from slow to fast or maintain speed. Management is very important in the life of the vehicle, so do with the proper handling of the gearbox. The life of the driver or owner also depends partly in its proper management.

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Gear box Managment.
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Accidents can be avoided with proper management, not to mention the financial savings accumulated.

A power train is where the power from the engine goes to and maybe said to be synonymous to the power of the vehicle itself. The driver train is also everything after the power train, i.e. on a rear wheel drive, clutch, transmission, driveshaft, differential, and axle, on a front wheel drive. Another definition of power train is: it is a train of gears and shafting transmitting power from an engine, motor, etc., to a mechanism being driven.1

There are a lot of concepts on the words power train (in some sites in the internet these two words are written as one word). Some experienced drivers and mechanics state that on front wheel driver cars, the power train consist of the engine, transmission, rear end, which are made (read: assembled) together … and on rear wheel driver, the engine, transmission, drive shaft and rear end … if the car has a standard transmission, the power train would include the clutch.2

In other words the power train runs the vehicle – in this case, the car or the tractor – for purposes of our discussion. And when we speak of maintenance, this may involve a wide array of expertise and the mechanic/driver can not just focus on the gearbox but the entire connections relative to the power train, the different shafts, up to the differential. Maintenance here is overloaded and, to be precise, sensitive.

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