Gender and fairytales.

The Greek castle itself had a hall or room (mans quarters) specially left for entertainment from women. This is where parties, dances and sex took place .However, there was another class of women who were supposed to attend parties with the king .They were considered to be more educated.

The servants of the Aphrodite were a class of women in Greece who had a high level of sexual freedom. The island of Lesbos was associated by poet Salford. His work of poetry has drawn a lot of scholarly attention. He was not homosexual but wrote long poems about his longing desire for young girls. Greece poetry played a major role in religion and the world of sexuality.

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The secret band of thieves was a group of died avoiding disgrace from their lovers or homosexual lovers. Their death marked an end of classical Greece era and ushered a new era of Hellenism. This was subsequently followed by changes in sexual life in Greece. There were now stronger bonds between a man and a woman, and the elites in Greece started appreciating women in general. The male nakedness as the symbol of beauty was replaced by a female nakedness.

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