Generation and Analysis.


OSHA official have extremely comprehensive rules that are difficult to be understood by both employers and employees. The most notable thing I believe is to ensure that a relationship is maintained between OSHA and the people they intend to protect. Forums should be put in place that employers and employees can be sensitized about safety and security around the boat yard.

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2. In line with the first idea, there should be material distributed within the boat yards that would encourage safe working practices within the boat yard. Small screens could be placed in common areas that employees take their breaks, and the screens should show clips of the various kinds of hazards that the workers are exposed to. The video should show how the accidents could occur and after which show how the accidents can be avoided.

3. There should be hazard signs placed at high risk areas. The signs should indicate what risk the worker might be exposing themselves to. For instance, if the surface where the worker is working on is slippery, there could be a hazard indicating there is a wet surface ahead. making the worker more alert to the danger. These hazards could be accompanied by voiceovers since some workers might be too distracted to see signs, and they would be at risk.

4. Workers might have a common are where they go into change into their work clothes when they report to work. The management could put up check lists at exists of the changing rooms. This checklists should be both visual and textual as they would attract more attention. “Do you have you helmet on”, and beside that a picture of a hard hat. Ensuring that the workers have the right gear on would reduce the risk of injury should something go wrong.

5. OSHA should not only enforce rules but should also encourage the adaptation of safe working practices within boat yards.

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