Generational differences.


There needs to be respect, acceptance and harmony among the different generations in order for smooth progress to occur.

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Generational differences.
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Various characteristics of my generation have enabled me to develop into the kind of individual that I am. Technological advancements have made things much easier such as travelling and getting information. I therefore believe that I am more knowledgeable on a variety of things based on the ease of access of information through the internet. The social life of Generation Y has also expanded through social networks and it is easier to have international friends. This means that communication is fast and effective through text messages emails and social networks and has aided in international marketing through these venues. The generation Y prefers management that caring rather than competent which is another unique factor.

Unfortunately, the other generations may view the ease with which my generation does things in a negative way. They feel that we are after instant gratification and do not care about work yet have high expectations in life. According to them, our generation uses cryptic messages and move from one job to another and therefore when assigned to a multi-generational work group the cooperation may not be well enhanced. However, I disagree with this view and believe that they have misunderstood the Y generation. This is because we not only focus on having work, but also working in a comfortable environment that respects and appreciates our opinions. The messages we send are simply short forms to save on time. They mistake our focus to get things done fast and effectively for instant gratifications.

The differences in opinions and judging on different generations, this may lead t conflict at work.

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