Global Priorities and Services to Children.

The rights can be summarized as having a safe, healthy and secure environment for the children and their families. There are laws in place that guard and protect the children from abuse and exploitation that need to be respected by all, regardless of whether it is the government or its citizens. Children whose lives are already in jeopardy need to be mobilized and programs and centres need be initiated and built respectively for their rehabilitation as this will help them regain their objectivity in their lives. World leaders need to embrace crisis negotiation and arbitration culture instead of the use of force that results in warfare in which children and women become the most affected. Losing parents to war at tender ages affect the children psychologically and rehabilitating them becomes a tall order. Children refugees and the victims of war need to be availed of the services and goods that are enjoyed by the other children who have not been affected so that equality persists even in the camps (Davidson, 2010). They need to be supported as so as to help them get their minds out of the trauma of losing close family and friends. Children who undergo traumatic incidences in childhood, tend to be violent and engage in violent crimes even terrorism in a bid to revenge for their loved ones. Governments need to bring their heads together in the fight against violence and terrorism including the trading of weapons illegally as they fall in the hands of wrong people including vulnerable children.

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Global Priorities and Services to Children.
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