Globalisation and Higher education Developmen


As has been cited in the text about the origin of the idea and phenomenon of globalisation, the references are recent and bear semblance to the current context of the political, social, cultural and economic situation across the globe and its effect on higher education. The observations, statements and analysis presented in the passage, though not sourced from books written in the 5 years are still relevant due to the prevailing issues and similar backdrop of circumstances in the higher education arena over the last 10 – 15 years. The commoditisation and commercialisation of education is still a burning issue. The measuring of a field in academics or a degree with the revenue it brings in the job market and the segregation of various disciplines in higher education based on market demand and profitability still remain in the current situation.

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Globalisation and Higher education Developmen
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There are certain areas where the statements presented and facts presented are outdated as for example the fact that there are gaps in internet access which is leading to a ‘Digital Divide’. Much like the basic amenities in life, access to the internet has been made readily available to the common man.

The use of evidence should have been more in the text. More number of cases should have been investigated of globalisation negatively or positively affecting higher education from a national as well as global perspective. In certain cases the potency of the information provided stands questionable due to the ever changing world of education and a constantly evolving global academia. As an example the world is now more sensitive to local cultures, its traditions and values and higher education curriculum is steadily including them in its course structure.

3. The steady commercialisation of education reducing this field of research, originality and creativity into a mere consumer product that bears a price tag and can be bought off the shelf into one’s resume.

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