Globalization debate.

Some of the major factors that have necessitated the globalization process include advances in telecommunication and transportation infrastructure, the emergence and prosperity of the internet and telegraph technology, etc.

These factors have played an essential role in the process of generating independence in the form of cultural and economic activities. The globalization process continues to influence business practices in various ways. Some of them include production, supply chain management, and marketing. In addition, it also defines the process of management of employees in businesses across industries.

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Globalization debate.
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The process of globalization describes different dynamic phenomena that share similarities in various elements. First, the process cuts across national boundaries into other regions found far and beyond. Secondly, it causes increased integration and interdependence in human societies across the world. The globalization process often results in increased flows in the factors of production, most of which include labor and capital, products in the form of services and goods,and technology in national economies (Bernard 2003, 68).

Globalization plays an essential role in influencing employment practices and workers in different countries. This paper examines the concept of globalization, and influences employees and employee management systems in organizations in both the developed and developing countries.

One of the chief channels by which globalization affect developing countries is the existing labor market. It is important to realize that competition in the provision of goods and services, exchange rates, direct investments, and different forms of capital movements play an important role in labor earnings and employment in developing countries.

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