God Orginial Food Plan.

imposed by the federal government in the United States obesity, food borne diseases and food contamination are not uncommon are often heard of in the United States. This study was undertaken to explore God’s original food plan and why human beings deviated from it. To evaluate God’s original food plan dietary laws under four major religions of the world were studied. While some religions permit animal meat restrictions on animal slaughter have been defined. However, all the religions believe in clean, hygienic, natural food and are against genetically engineered food as it amounts to interfering with nature’s (God’s) plan. Consumerism and materialism prompted the food manufacturers to seeker newer ways to lure consumers through offering enhanced nutritional value. This led to use of hormones in cattle, use of pesticides, dietary supplements and additives, in addition to genetic medications and hybrid systems in food production. In addition, long food supply chains resulted in food getting contaminated as residues of pesticides persisted. All of these led to increased toxicity and interference with nature’s plan. All the religious heads have expressed their resentment against such foods being supplied as it interferes with God’s original plan. They have insisted that genetically modified foods should be labeled which would enable consumers to take an informed decision. While the government did regulate the sector and framed laws, these laws and regulations were often politicized to suit the larger players in the sector. The study concludes that man has tried to interfere with nature’s bounty. Consumerism, desires and taste for newer varieties of food have taken man away from nature. The desire for more and more profits gave rise to unethical and immoral practices in the food industry where preferences was given to self-rewards and profits over concern for fellow human beings. Even children have not been spared.

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 God Orginial Food Plan.
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