Graduate School.

The opportunity to assist in the birth process has always been appealing to me. Recently, I have had opportunity to attend the deliveries of three close friends. This experience has reinforced my desire to become a midwife. Perhaps the most personal reason I want to study midwifery stems from the fact that I am currently pregnant and am seeking a midwife. I want to provide competent services to other women as they prepare to deliver their babies. I am hoping to find this for myself. Most of all, I want to continue to have positive clinical experiences as a nurse.

My most satisfying clinical experience was caring for a patient that had been in a motorcycle accident. He came in with a serous pelvic fracture that was causing profuse rectal bleeding. I was able to assist this patient throughout the CT scan and several procedures required to keep his blood pressure up. When we took him to interventional radiology as requested, the doors were locked and no one was there to help. At that point, the patient’s life was in my hands. I made the decision to take him directly to his room in the Critical Care center. By the time we were able to get him there, he was just clinging to life. We worked to get him stabilized and he was admitted for the night. This was a satisfying experience because it shoed me that I could make difficult decisions in high-pressure situations. I was commended for making the decision to take him directly to his room instead of waiting at the interventional radiology department. I was actually there for that patient so he could tell me to speak with his wife when she arrived. He said, “Tell my wife I love her.” I felt great about my performance that day, but was extremely upset to discover the next day that he did not live through the night.

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